I kind of hate about pages but people always want to read them. I always want to read them, but I really don’t like writing them. It’s a conundrum.

My name is Kelly, I’m a serial crafter, and firm believer that the world would be a better place if people were less idle and did something with their hands. You don’t even have to do it well, the only thing that matters is if you enjoy it.

My problem is I enjoy too much, and I want to try it all. I do have a few core things I always go back to: knitting, hand spinning, natural dyeing, and (more newly) quilting. I weave occasionally, and dabble in some embroidery. The idea of basket weaving has really piqued my interest as of late, but it’s something I haven’t dove in to. Gardening is a big part of my life from seed starting season (March) until I pull up the final plant (late September/early October).

The web has become a very fast, very monetized place. I wanted a space all my own where I can indulge, document, and discuss whatever I make, and I didn’t want it hosted with anybody else. I love a good database site as much as anybody, but I’ve found them too constricting, and frankly, if they disappear so does a lot of my history of making.

I decided to call this blog texture & form because it seems to be what everything I make revolves around. I’m drawn to things that are heavily textured, and everything we create has form.

Should you need to get a hold of me, please use the form below:

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