Hello September

Hello September

I have no idea how people work, and have a kid, and also take time to write in their blogs. On my list of priorities during down time/nap time, this is pretty much on the bottom. There’s the house work and actual work, and whatever else that I have to do, but there’s also my time to actually work on projects and that is way higher than me photographing and writing about them.

Not to say I don’t enjoy the writing about them, because it gives me time to reflect on the process and the outcome, but let’s face it, the actual doing it is much more fun.

I have been keeping track of everything I made this year, and it’s actually bloody impressive if I do say so myself. Quantity is not the metric, but I do feel good making things, and it gives me moments to sit and think (I think best when I’m doing stuff – anybody else?).

I’ve gotten a buttload of knitting done, because I had a pile of toque patterns that had been in various states of doneness pre-pregnancy, and I got a bug up my ass to finish them over the summer. They’ll be coming out as a little ebook, which I’m excited about.

I participated in TdF which was a blast, as I hadn’t done it for two years. The photo accompanying this post is what I spun up. I wanted to spin 15 minutes a day and I achieved that; and it felt good to get back to my wheel again.

I’ve recently had quite a burst of creative ideas, which has been wonderful. Those are all in various states of being worked on, but I’m getting back into my printmaking and working on integrating that into my love of textiles in the form of block printing on fabrics.

I’ll still do a big yearly round up, which again won’t be links back to individual posts, but rather a gallery. Hopefully I get a chance to write again before December, but with the way it’s going I’m not holding my breath.

I’m really excited to get all these toques out though into an ebook. I feels good to get them out because I’ve really enjoyed them, and one might actually be my favourite thing I’ve ever designed.

Having a burst of creative ideas all come at once is not something that’s happened for a while, and I’m really enjoying the feeling. Since my time is limited, I am writing things down as they come to me (something totally foreign to me), because I don’t want to forget.

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