A January Catch-Up

A January Catch-Up

There’s been three things I’ve been working on since the start of the year.

Holy crap, even just saying that is kind of mind blowing. The first several months of baby’s life were so tumultuous as we learned how to be parents and how to have a little one, I didn’t have time for much else (as my last post went into). Then from about 6.5-9 months she went from a great sleeper into a terrible sleeper. Would not nap at all hardly (20 mins max), then at night would not sleep unless somebody was holding her – which created two extremely tired parents that didn’t know what to do. We ended up doing cry it out, which was hard, but in less than a week she was a great sleeper again. I curse myself for not wanting to do it sooner and causing everybody a lot more sleep deprivation than needed, but there you go (it’s terrible to hear your baby crying for 45 mins and not go in and soothe her).

But I’ve gotten off on a bit of a tangent here. The reason why I said all that is because there wasn’t room in my brain for anything else, but with the establishment of a routine, and baby sleeping, and all that I’ve found myself with a bit of time here and there where I can do stuff.

At night and a bit during the day I’ve been working on some baby knits. I didn’t knit the baby anything other than her chicken when I was pregnant, and then the first few months, you know (see above), but NOW I can and I’m loving it. I’ve had some yarn in my stash for a while that’s never fit anything else but turns out are the perfect amounts for some baby knits. I’ve already finished Hanami and a Latte Coat, and I’m almost done Storyline. I’ll have a post on all three of these in some more detail once I get some photos.

January I finally started a new quilt that I’ve had sketched out for about two years. There’s a large blank area right above our bed in the bedroom, and this is what I wanted to make to have it there. I dyed most of the fabric last summer (and finished the last colour this month), and then finally got to cutting and sewing just this month. It features indigo, cutch, and madder in varying shades and degrees and I’m really excited to be working on it (photos to come once the top is finished).

Finally, I’ve been finally doing a lot of work on my seed bank. It’s chugged along these past few years, but the website has been woefully untended. Plus I had about three years worth of seed that I needed to categorize, do germination tests on, and actually put away, so that’s been covering my kitchen table for a few weeks. I’ve also been working on a lot of website stuff for that, which is hardly exciting but feels good to get it done. I’ve been creating my garden plans this year too, which I think I’ll go into in another post just to keep this one from getting too unwieldy (spoiler: I’m going to try square foot gardening for the first time ever).

This is a lot of “posts coming!” but it might be a lot of that this year. Finding time to take photos, then sit down and edit them goes to the bottom of the pile, and that’s the bottleneck for these posts. But, newfound time and all of that, hopefully I can squeeze in a bit more time for that this year.

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