Two Years To The Day

Two Years To The Day

The other day I released a knitting pattern. My first knitting pattern almost exactly two years to the day of the last one I released.

And it felt pretty damned good, if I do say so myself.

I had these grand designs around early 2021 (I think, time has been super wibbly wobbly since I got pregnant, and especially after having the baby), and they were going to be a collection of socks, released all at once. I have something like 12 sock patterns in different stages of writing.

But with the pregnancy and baby, they all fell by the wayside, and I just didn’t have time. They sat on my mind since then, especially this one that I finally just released. It was the closest to being done and, quite frankly, my favourite of the bunch. I really wanted to get it out.

So over the past six-ish weeks, I’ve been slowly finishing the writing, getting it edited, doing the photography (hand made quilt, draped over a couch with a long exposure due to low light doesn’t look too bad, if I do say so myself). Just above the frame my dog was laying on said couch, keeping the quilt in place. I’m precariously balanced, because while that photo looks good, it is in fact really bloody awkward – as are most good looking photos of socks.

I’m pleased this is out in the world. I’m pleased that I dipped my toe back in. It scratches the itch for problem solving in me, getting that pattern to look how I want it to look, and in different sizes. Patterns will come slowly, especially over the next year, but maybe I can get a handful out. I’m looking forward to it.

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