I had no idea when I published my last post that just a few days later I’d be saying hello to my new baby. She was a few weeks early (rather unexpectedly), so the past few months have been all about new baby snuggles and navigating our new life together and, to be frank, my new identity as a mom. There’s been more of that than I expected – nine months of expecting and can’t wait, and then all of a sudden bam, here’s your tiny person you’re a mom!

It feels really good, but it does change how you think of yourself rather drastically very quickly.

This is not going to become a mommy blog or kid crafty blog or whatever. I’ll keep chugging along and talking about the things I’ve made, you might just hear some that are slightly more kid centred than previously (hello baby quilts?).

Having said that, I haven’t done a whole lot of making at all. I had to wait for my pregnancy carpel tunnel to clear up (took a couple of months), but mostly I just haven’t really had the time.

I have been slowly getting back into it – very slowly. I was able to complete a spin I began in January (yay!); my Rideau Arcott spin with Canadian fibre from Long Way Homestead.

And, most importantly, I’ve been slowly chipping away at baby’s quilt I was hoping to have finished before she arrived, but that didn’t happen. I don’t think she’ll mind – it’s not like she can sleep with it until she’s 12 months anyway.

Reintegrating craft back into my life is taking a bit longer than I expected. Actually no, because I didn’t really expect anything, maybe just navigating how it’s going to work has taken longer. But that’s okay, all the wool and fabric and looms and knitting needles and spinning wheels will be there when we’re ready.

So here’s to reintegration and navigating new identities.

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