Half Started/Half Done

Half Started/Half Done

There’s a lot of not-done going on in my life lately. Things are a bit of a holding pattern, which is okay. Or I’m telling myself it’s okay. I’m a person that likes to work on things and do things. I don’t spend a lot of time being idle, and if I’m feeling uncomfortable/tired/sore/whatever I push through it and do the stuff, because it actually makes me feel better. Like I beat some kind of foe and came out triumphant (anybody else? Just me?).

I can’t push through everything though. It’s not something I’ve discussed openly online, but I am pregnant, and I’m really in the home stretch now. It’s not a giant secret, I’m generally just a private person, so you won’t see baby pictures or anything here. But, I’ve discovered as I’m in the last 2-4 weeks, I’m not just pushing through anything. A friend just referred to it as the longest weeks of your life, and boy am I feeling that. It’s a new feeling for me having to actually stop. Also boring. I really dislike sitting and not doing much else.

So I have half finished projects laying around, and not a ton of ability to work on them. The tiredness is real, but it’s far beyond that. Sitting at a wheel is uncomfortable on my back. But probably the biggest thing stopping me at this point is onset of carpel tunnel. I’ve never had it in my life, but the increase in fluid is causing the carpel tunnel nerve in my right hand to experience a lot of pressure, which of course means my fingers are numb and just do not want to work (also increasingly the left hand, although not as bad, yay!). Sure it’s almost entirely guarantee to go away on its own after birth, but that’s weeks away (and probably at least a few weeks after that). So until then, no repetitive movements, which pretty much takes out everything I like to do. That’s spinning, knitting, quilting (no way I’ll have my baby’s quilt done at this point when she’s born).

So I have a half finished pair of socks, a half finished spin of Rideau Arcott, and the quilt which is in the block sewing/squaring up phase. Hell when all else fails, I like to pop on a video game, but the carpel tunnel is even thwarting that (you never realize how much you use your thumbs).

Because I’m incredibly stubborn I do find myself doing some very, very minimal ironing/squaring of blocks. I can almost start sewing them which would be easier on my hands, but my god there are literally hundreds of half square triangles to cut. I love the look of many half square triangles, but it is murder to do so many.

I did get some pepper seeds planted. Peppers are the seeds I start the earliest – 2nd to 3rd week of February. Tomatoes will get started in about 2 weeks (right around my due date actually, so that’s fun), and then the squash and cukes will get started about 1-2 weeks after that. It’s nice to see my tiny little peppers growing again. We just got a dump of snow the other day, so coming downstairs to my seed starting area and watching them grow is a nice reprieve when it feels like winter just won’t ever end.

(picture above is my first quilt I ever made from 2020, since I’m not showing off much now that I’m doing)

If you don’t hear from me in a few weeks, you’ll know what’s tying up all my time.

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