Coming soon

A place to conglomerate all my makings of things. I’m pretty excited to start on this blog. I’ve been looking for something that’s more all-encompassing of what I make, rather than having a knitting blog here, or a spinning blog there. Too many things with too many (self-imposed or otherwise) restrictions and I just give up because it’s too many things. There’s lots of websites with neat fields that you just fill in (Ravelry, Textallia, etc.) but again, so many things, and I’m kind of fed up with keeping all my things on other people’s things.

So this will be all things hand made, whether it’s knitting or spinning or quilting or dyeing or whatever the hell else strikes my fancy. A diary of my handwork, it’ll have successes and failures and everything in between. I’m not going to monetize, or really even promote, and we’ll see what this blog eventually evolves into. But what it will be is a log and a place to keep track for me.

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